Saturday, June 11, 2016

How Will The Murder Of Christina Grimmie Affect The Way Concerts Are Held? (Updated!)

The news of the tragic shooting death of singer Christina Grimmie after a concert rocked the entertainment world. With the news comes many questions, was the shooter a deranged fan? An angry stalker? There are many questions but few answers right now.

*UPDATE* Just as I predicted Pop-Star Selena Gomez has announced the canceling of her upcoming fan meet and greets. We are possibly seeing the end of concert going as we know it.
Christina Grimmie was many things, a YouTube sensation, a talented singer and performer and a rising star in the entertainment world. Her death at the young age of 22 has shocked many who followed her rise to fame and saw her devotion to her fans. Her potential and rising stardom makes her death all the more tragic.

Christina Grimmie’s murder also raises very important issues for the entertainment world that must be considered. How will her death at the hands of a gunman affect other performers and concerts? Deaths of performers while at a concert or after are extremely rare, and violent deaths perpetrated by others while performing are nonexistent. As far as the news seems to know Christina Grimmie is the first mainstream performer to be murdered at a concert venue by an attendant of that concert (as far as we know)Her death begs the question how will this horribly violent act affect the way concerts are held and how performers perform?

Up until now performers have felt very safe at concerts, they are surrounded by fans and friends who love and support them. Even the odd and obsessed fans that every performer gets for the most part don’t wish them harm. How will this affect singers and performers now? With the one place they all felt safe now proven to not be as safe as everyone thought.

It would seem that measures will need to be taken at concert venues across the nation in order to prevent this kind of tragedy from happening again. It could result in higher ticket prices, as greater security could be demanded by performers. Such as metal detectors, pre concert screening and pat downs. What is also tragic for the fans and performers together is that we could see the phasing out of the ages old activity of signing autographs after a concert. The signing of autographs has always been a time for performers and fans to meet each other when they otherwise would not have. It is also possible that gone will be the open autograph signing environment and there may be an increased use of VIP access tickets. 

This would allow for graters security such as background checks, pat downs and screening of the fan before they get near the performer. What could also be seen is an increase of the selling or giving out of pre signed autographs to fans that would allow them to get the autograph without the performer having to go out among them.

All in all it is sad that because of the act of one person an entire way of life will have to be altered (as it much to protect human life) and that so many will have to suffer (both performers and fans) due to the act of one deranged individual.

The death of Christina Grimmie is a true tragedy for fans and those in the entertainment world. She was a great talent. Remember to keep her family and loved ones in your thoughts and prayers.